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A controller is the heart of your application. It is responsible for handling user requests and controlling the flow of your app, making the interconnection between all its modules. This means loading graphic interfaces, doing database requests, running business logics and every other awesome functionalities.

Creating controllers

Creating a controller for your application is extremely easy. A controller is a simple PHP file with a controller class in Glowie\Controllers namespace stored in app/controllers folder.

From Firefly CLI you can use the following command to create a new controller:

php firefly create-controller --name=MyController

The controller file must have the exact same name as the controller class.

This is the default snippet for a controller file:

    namespace Glowie\Controllers;

    class MyController extends BaseController{

       // Controller actions here



Next step is create some actions for your controller, see Actions for more info.


BaseController is a default controller class located in the controllers folder (app/controllers/BaseController.php) who is extended by every other controller of your application.

This means you can create any methods and properties in this controller and they can be reused from any other controller. This is useful when creating global functions or properties that need to be accessed from your whole application, removing the need of rewriting code.

BaseController also extends Glowie\Core\Http\Controller class, which is the core class for Glowie controllers.


    namespace Glowie\Controllers;

    use Glowie\Core\Http\Controller;

    class BaseController extends Controller{

       // Methods in this controller can be reused in any other controllers